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Keynotes (Offered Exclusively by Brian Azar, the SalesDoctor)

  1. Four Keys to Motivate Others for Success. Most people working in America today are either unhappy or uncomfortable with their current circumstances. This program goes to the heart of what motivates people to work almost for nothing. The four keys to be covered are:
    • Power of Acknowledgement
    • Making a Difference through decision making input
    • Cooperation vs Competition
    • Training and Education for personal and professional improvement
  2. The 10 Common Mistakes Salespeople Make. Over the years working with thousands of salespeople I observed the 10 most common mistakes they make. This program will cover those 10 mistakes and how to correct them so that salespeople can get better results with less effort.
  3. The Magic of Conflict. Most people think conflict is bad and will do anything to avoid it. The magic of conflict is about using it to create positive change in the workplace.
  4. The New Language of Selling. In this program, participants learn how to recognize, through language and physiology, what others’ real needs are, and how to give them what they want quickly and elegantly.
  5. Management Without Tears. It is not enough that you are a people manager, you also have to be a den mother, psychologist and taskmaster. And if you are like most managers and business owners today, you are working harder and harder just to keep your employees “up to speed.” Get rid of your conventional approach to management and acquire better solutions to your productivity problems. This program will teach how to coach people to do their best instead of managing mediocrity.
  6. Stepping Into the Winners’ Circle. This program will uncover “the at-leaster phenomenon” (people who never win, but at least they don’t fail) and turn those 50 percenters into winners.
  7. Building Professional Alliances for the 21st Century. To be successful in corporate America, people need to build internal and external support systems and networks. This program will provide a road map for thriving, rather than just surviving, in the workplace.
  8. Leadership Skills During Crisis. This workshop teaches participants in leadership roles how to “remain calm” and “listen more effectively and efficiently” while asking the important questions needed during these tenuous times.
  9. Staying Positive and Focused During Crisis. This keynote or workshop includes “The Ten Keys” which are “hands-on” tools which the audience can immediately experience and apply to their personal and professional lives.
  10. How to Make a Difference to Others… Including Yourself. This keynote or workshop will cover “Purpose, Goals, Plans… and Actions” which can be applied to people’s “Life Planning” in their home and workplace environment.
  11. How Are You Changing and Adapting Each Year? This keynote or workshop addresses the changes, adjustments, actions and steps necessary to stay flexible and productive in the “New Economic Environment!”