Introductory Courses

A. Sales 101 – Everybody Sells! A Ten Step Sales Interview System That Works
A non-invasive “sales interview” approach that separates prospects from suspects and qualifies potential clients.

Who Should Take This Course?This course is a must for anyone who is in any type of sales position such as retail, wholesale, telemarketing, outside sales, inside sales, and network marketing; or for entrepreneurs and business start-ups.
2 Days/2 Credits

B. Sales 102 – Principles of Professional Selling; A Client-Centered Approach

A highly interactive course which includes: Establishing Rapport; Goal-Setting and Pre-Interview Planning; The Sales Interview Process; Building and Maintaining a MasterMind team; Time Management and Priorities; and Growing and Nurturing your Gold, Silver, And Bronze Clients. In other words—get more referrals and introductions… with less effort.

Who Should Take This Course? This course is for sales professionals, network marketers, and experienced telemarketing and retail salespeople.

3 Days/3 Credits

C. Sales 103 – I Hate Cold Calls – Unique Alternatives for Prospecting

This “Client Acquisition Skills” course provides the participant with the tools to create a prospecting system that will get them in touch with, and in front of, the right types of companies and decision-makers. This course includes: 25 Ways to Attract Business Without Cold Calling; Overcoming a Fear of Rejection; An Effective Telephone Approach called “Market Research;” Creating a Top 100 Advocacy List to Generate Referrals and Introductions; and Building a Power Network.

Who Should Take This Course? This course is for sales people, network marketers, and small business owners who have to generate their own leads for business.

2 Days/2 Credits



Advanced Courses

A. Sales 204 – The “Quick Start” Course, A Powerful Plan & Review Course

This advanced course will identify where past business came from, present business is coming from now… and where your new business will come from tomorrow. This course includes: How to Stay Proactive in Your Market Versus Reactive; How to Deal with Plateaus and the Occasional Lack of Energy or Motivation; How to Build Alliances and Collaborations; Cross-Marketing and Cross-Selling Your Products and Services; and Creating Options and Alternatives When Your Plan Stalls.

Who Should Take This Course?This course is for anyone in sales or networking for at least one year, who has set up their own sales, marketing, and business performance plan for the year.


2 Days/2 Credits

B. Sales 205 – Priorities, Goals, Time and Territory Management

This course will teach you how to make the most productive use of your time and priorities, and how to create a manageable program and map to work your market/territory efficiently and effectively. You will learn how to remove time-wasters and streamline your market/territory penetration and growth. You will also be able to identify the best planning and CRM system, along with the proper technology for your position and needs.

Who Should Take This Course? This course is for anyone who wants to get a better handle on their time, priorities, and productivity.


2 Days/2 Credits

C. Sales 206 – Building Your MasterMind Team for Success

This course will help you identify, recruit, and manage your own team of positive, supportive, successful, and open-minded professionals who meet regularly to brainstorm, collaborate, and build mutually beneficial alliances. A good MasterMind Team will act as an informal advisory board for each member’s career/company, as well as mentor and coach each other. It is a team structure that works for the benefit of all.

Who Should Take This Course? This course is available to all students who have completed any of the basic courses.

1 Day/1 Credit


Sales Management Courses

A. Sales Management 101 – Fundamentals of Sales Management

Designed specifically for newly appointed sales managers, this course will teach: An Effective, Efficient Transition from Sales to Management; Empowering Communication Skills; A Powerful Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection Method for Hiring the Right Sales People for the Right Position or Territory; Managing Behavior and Activities; How to Motivate and Support Staff; Delegation and Collaboration Skills; Recognizing When to Train; How to Work With and Support Other Managers; and How to Report to and Meet the Needs of Your Superior.

Who Should Take This Course?This course is for any new managers, team leaders, and network marketing sponsors who build a strong downline team.

3 days/3 Credits

B. Sales Management 102 – Coaching and Counseling Your Sales Team

This course will help you learn the difference between coaching and managing a sales team. It will feature How to Coach Your Sales People One-on-One and as a Group. You will learn behavior styles and patterns of both you and your people, and how to adjust yours to accommodate theirs. And you will learn how to get buy-in and mutually beneficial support from the team.

Who Should Take This Course? This course is for VPs of Sales and/or Marketing, Directors of Sales, and Sales Managers.

2 Days/2 Credits

C. Sales Management 105 – Advanced Sales Management

This course will help you keep pace with all the issues that are both challenging and revolutionizing the new sales workforce. This course will include: Dealing with Difficult Individuals; Building a Win-Win Team Support System; Creating a Positive Environment for Your People; Understanding What Makes Your People Tick and How to Use it to Their Advantage.

Who Should Take This Course? This course is for experienced, seasoned sales mangers and directors who want to refine and improve their management, leadership, and planning skills.

3 Days/3 Credits

Business Related Courses

A. Business 101 – Client-Serving Versus Customer Service

This course is for CSRs, CRM staff, technical or accounting support staff, field service and call center staff, receptionists, and sales support staff. You will learn: Why 80% of Customer Service Departments Fail to Satisfy Their Customers; The 10 Most Common Mistakes Customer Service People Make When Dealing with Difficult People; How to Stay Positive and Focused During the Workday.

Who Should Take This Course?This course is for anyone who has to deal with customers’ problems, issues, and complaints.

2 Days/2 Credits

B. Business 102 – Management Without Tears

This course gives you the tools to manage people successfully in the workplace, and will include: Learning the Differences and Similarities Between Your People, and How to Have Them Benefit and be More Productive; How to Resolve Conflicts, Delegate Critical Tasks, Energize and Motivate People, and Strengthen the Ties Within Your Team

Who Should Take This Course? This course is for managers and individuals with management responsibility.

2 Days/2 Credits

C. Business 103 – Diversity in the Workplace is Good Business

This course presents the latest information and tools to build a highly successful diverse workforce. It will include: Cultural Styles and Differences; Different Communication Styles and Meanings; Getting the Best Out of the Differences Between Minorities and l Personnel.

Who Should Take This Course? This course is for anyone who has responsibility for, or wishes to learn more about, workplace diversity.


D. Business 104 – Online Versus Offline Marketing

E. Business 105 – Business Etiquette

F. Business 106 – Basic Business Skills

G. Business 107 – Workplace Improvement and Enhancement