2017 New Year’s Resolutions and QuickStart

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Brian Azar, Business and Professional Speaker, Presenter, Trainer, Coach and Consultant


My purpose at work, utilizing my talents, skills, experience, knowledge and wisdom, is to find out specifically, exactly what my clients, colleagues, staff and owners want and need, help get it to them quickly, elegantly and ethically (Even if I can’t deliver it) and have them feel good about it my company and me.¬†What you think I may lack in job-related technical skills, I more than make up for, with my multi-disciplinary task background as well as my communication and interpersonal abilities.


Personal Growth and Interpersonal Skills

Business and sales people often forget the obvious: business involves human interaction. It is crucial to recognize and respond to a client’s preferred method of communication. However, even good people sometime lose confidence in their own instincts and their understanding of relationships.

Recognizing this need, Brian Azar founded The Sales Catalyst and The Coaching Catalyst more than 35 years ago. Brian adapted a unique approach from several disciplines in order to assist people in improving their communications skills. Utilizing key concepts from the science of neuro-linguistic programming, Brian created programs that focus on identifying the most common styles of communication. Participants learn how to utilize and improve those styles in order to establish superior rapport and reach their goals.


The Sales Process

Once sales people create superior rapport with their clients, next steps include determining the prospect’s needs, establishing the budget, and proposing a solution. The Sales Doctor can help with all of these crucial stages of the sales process. According to Brian Azar, “The worst error a sales person can make is to propose a solution before determining the need, the budget, and the decision making process.”

The client should feel confident that a salesperson’s main interest is to meet and satisfy his or her professional needs. The sales process does not end by closing the sale, but it begins with the establishment of a long-term mutually beneficial professional relationship with the client.

Client Serving vs. Customer Service

A significant part of the training offered by The Sales Catalyst focuses on client serving. The difference between customer service and client serving is the difference between being paid to handle problems and complaints vs. serving people willingly in order to create a partnership and win/win outcome.

The Sales Catalyst focuses on teaching people to be more assertive, innovative, and creative within their job and within their career. Employees learn to be positive and flexible by actively listening, building rapport, and questioning intelligently while maintaining their code of ethics. The results will speak for themselves.

Sales Management

The primary concern of every business is to reach optimal productivity. The most effective way a manager can reach this goal is not by directly attempting to force productivity increases, but by building a productive team of employees. There must be positive interaction between manager and staff. The best managers are “coaches” who allow their people to be the best they can be.

In his Sales Catalyst programs, Brian discusses how employees can use time effectively, and he teaches them to recognize priorities and structure them in a productive way. He instructs managers on how to correct negative behavior patterns and discusses how to alter employee attitudes and effect positive change. Above all, employees must feel the need to excel and learn how to create what Brian refers to as “Patterns of Excellence.”