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The provides the coaching and sales training to help you discover your unique path to increased satisfaction, productivity and business success. Brian Azar created the Sales Doctor™ to help sales and business professionals, as well as entrepreneurs, break down their internal barriers and realize their inherent potential for success.

At the Sales Doctor, we believe that to become truly successful in sales and business, to develop those essential client acquisition skills, requires a unique focus on personal development. That's why the Sales Doctor’s brand of coaching and sales training focuses on helping individuals confront challenges involving attitudes, perceptions and mental barriers, teaching each how to work with their clients and manage their own careers.

As a coach, author, speaker, trainer and advocate of lifelong learning, Brian Azar, the Sales Doctor, has spent the last 30+ years helping businesses and individuals reach their own specific success goals. But more than just teaching and developing theories for coaching, sales training, client acquisition skills or personal communication development, Brian has proven his methods work – setting sales records himself while with the Xerox Corporation, and later being a top level sales manager and trainer within Xerox.

The Sales Doctor is able to help each individual develop from their own strengths and leverage their existing, often hidden talents and abilities. Through extensive research and development, the Sales Doctor has devised creative sales training and business coaching methods for transforming negative energy, lack of motivation and poor communication skills into productive and positive growth – proving that self-realization and positive motivation are the keys to business success.

The Sales Doctor has advised numerous corporations and associations on self-esteem and role performance, as well as problem-solving strategies and personal leadership. Internationally known as a corporate speaker and trainer, Brian Azar's personal communication development lectures, sales training sessions, and client acquisition & management seminars on business success through self-direction, have been conducted throughout the world for thousands of corporate executives, managers and their staffs, as well as private individuals.

Now, Brian focuses on emerging and developing workforces: the youth of today and the transitional/displaced workers. Working with schools, universities, and communities, Brian is bring the Sales Doctor approach to a new generation.

If you want to develop your own Path to Success, consider the value that the Sales Doctor can provide in helping you realize your inherent talents and abilities, and in helping build a plan for your business, sales or professional career.

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